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By @theresafrankart
I was asked to do a product review for a company called @capcouriers . They sell natural stones for rock painters, crafters, etc on Amazon. In exchange for my honest review they sent me a pack of two types of rocks. When I received my package I was impressed at how quickly they arrived! The stones were nicely packed and no stones were broken. The package of white stones contained 12. The largest stones was 2.75" and smallest was 2". Of the 12, 8 were very smooth on one or both sides. 4 had either a tiny groove or small pits on one or both sides, which I didn't feel was an issue (see photos). I actually chose one of these stones to do a test painting on (the deer). The package of red stones contained 14, with sizes being the same as the white. All of these were either very smooth or had a very slight texture. I chose one with texture for my second test painting. I also did a drop test from chest high onto the pavement. Neither stone broke or chipped. The stones all washed up beautifully and they were very nice to paint on. Of the two types I think I liked the white the best, only because I like a very smooth surface for detail work, but the red was very nice to paint on also. They held the paint very well because they have a bit of an absorbent nature. My conclusion - these rocks are very good quality for painting and I would purchase them myself. Have a look at @Capcouriers IG account as they have some giveaways going on right now and you also will find their Amazon link there. They are a new company so give em a follow! Their stones are reasonably priced and available in smaller quantities rather than having to buy a 40 pound bag. These are perfect for rock artists but these would be great for painting kindness rocks with a group of kids or for VBS and Sunday school projects. FLIP THROUGH PHOTOS TO SEE ALL THE ROCKS AND FINISHED PAINTINGS.

By @kimjoyart
I was absolutely honored to be reached out by @capcouriers to test out and review their painting rocks! ❤️ AND I have to say their rocks are fantastic!! I spend so much time in the mountains trying to find the perfect sized, smooth, flat rock for my #rocksomeonessaturday and would find myself several times coming home empty handed. Having these rocks as an option is so exciting! Each bag comes with about 12-14 rocks (each are in perfect condition). Size is about 1-3 inches. Shipping was extremely fast too. The rocks are superb for painting. With other rocks I found myself needing to prep them to get the colors on correctly. These ones I didn't have to do any extra steps. I painted myself a Dante rock this week ❤️ (he's my absolute favorite.. reminds me of my dog Brutus 😂) I couldn't recommend these painting rocks more!! To all the rock painters, or to those wanting to start; check @capcouriers out! You can purchase their rocks on Amazon.

By @p4miranda_pitrone
This wonderful company has come on to the rock painting scene. They have a shop on Amazon where you can purchase many different kinds of stones. They are also on Instagram doing GIVEAWAYS @capcouriers The items are very well packaged and shipped extremely fast. These new ones they sent me are perfect for my pendant designs. I am so excited to get creating! Thank you @capcouriers for another lovely set of stones.

By @my_painted_rocks
Hi Rockers! This past weekend I was asked to review a couple of products from @capcouriers Amazon store. I was excited to try their products out, and just a few days later I received my ‘painting rocks’ from them. 
I opened my mailer and found 2 bags of rocks packed neatly and snug. None of the rocks were broken. I received one bag of white rocks and a bag of pink ones. I liked the sizes of all the rocks, and they were comparable to the ones I have been buying from my local home improvement store. There were some slight imperfections on a couple (but that’s with any rock) and that didn’t hinder painting the surface much. These rocks seemed more porous than the beach and river rocks that I’m used to.

I painted the same design on both colors. I prefer the white ones over the pink (if you’re planning on total paint coverage.) The white rocks seem smoother, but I can see why people would like the pinkish ones if they were going to show some natural stone through their design. Overall, I liked their products, their customer service was great, and they shipped them to me very quickly! If you like to have rocks delivered straight to your home, I’d suggest using their Amazon store... type “Capcouriers Painting Rocks” to find their products.



 By @smilowrocks 

Good kind people also sometimes own wonderful businesses as well!! Thanks to CAPCOURIERS stones for sending a generous kindness package big enough to send good vibes to another 125+ people at Smilow!!!!!! Beautiful rocks sent by some awesome folks there...heartfelt thanks to our new friends ❤️




By @lindseybridgesart

Splish splash 💦💦💦
Swooning over my new shipment of Capcouriers @capcouriers rocks! 📦 Giving them a good soaking with mild soap & light scrubbing prepping them for paint. I especially love the dark slate rocks 😍 Large, flat & with rounded edges, perfect for more intricate designs. The white rocks are smooth & light in color making it easy to predraw/sketch designs before painting.
If you’re considering purchasing rocks online, checkout Capcouriers! They’re on Amazon 🙌🏻 Search Capcouriers & Beach Treasures on Amazon for listings. Quality product & friendly professional service. 



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