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Capcouriers has always been fascinated with the incredible work as well as the background of how artist within the rock painting community began their journey. Last spring, we started connecting with many of these remarkably people, learning about their painting styles, narratives and inspirations. In hopes of inspiring others, and to generate greater awareness of this extraordinary community, we felt compelled to share some of their stories with you. Enjoy!!


Misty Day


When I tell people that painting rocks changed my life, they chuckle, but I mean it. While visiting my family during July of 2017 my sister said we were going to paint rocks. My first response was, "Ummm...why?" She explained that they paint rocks and leave them for others to find. I had never painted before, but I was on vacation and had plenty of free time, so I painted a couple of rocks. Not only was I overjoyed by spreading kindness, I was surprised that my rocks "looked pretty good". By the end of the week even my mom asked, "How are you doing that?" Honestly, I had no idea I could paint and it was amazing to discover a new talent at the age of 41! <br /><br /><br />After I got home from that trip I was ADDICTED! I went out and bought paints, brushes, and rocks. I painted every day and even started a Kindness Rocks group for my town. Now rock painting is what I'm known for. I paint tons of Kindness rocks, commission pieces, and I teach rock painting classes.


 Wendy Diaz

Hi! My name is Wendy Diaz. I'm a graphic designer who likes to step away from her computer and experiment with other types of art. I found rock painting thanks to Instagram. I am new to rock painting, my first rock was done in Nov, 2018 and I've been painting Capcouriers rocks every week since then. I've always been attracted to the minimalist style, so my all my creations tend to be that way.
Whenever i paint rocks, I am reminded that sometimes we tend to overlook nature. I hope that with my painted rocks, people can see that anything can be beautiful, even a small rock 😊
You can find my creations here:
IG: @wendydiazf
Ebay :


Kim Joy

My name is Kimberly Joy and I absolutely love painting! I've been drawing, coloring, and painting ever since I was little. I first started my journey into rock painting about a year ago. I saw through FB and IG, different groups starting to spread painted rocks through their neighborhoods and towns. I loved this idea and decided to join in with my own #rocksomeonessaturday! Every free Saturday, I paint one rock (inspired by anything that makes me happy) and hide it around my city for someone to find. For the rocks I don't hide locally, I give them away on my Instagram page (@kimjoyart). I love the idea of being able to bring a smile to someone's day with something so small but special. Rock painting is my way of spreading a little more sunshine ❤️

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." -Mother Teresa


Brenda Reyes

Believe it or not, I started painting rocks at age 5! In 1967, I would use whatever crayons or paint I could find, color the rocks, then get them wet. I would quickly run to the neighbors and try to sell them before they dried! I guess decorating rocks and selling them has always been my calling. <br /><br />Being a former educater, I realized rocks could be used in the classroom too! I create color stones, Stick Tac Toe games, memory stones, story stones and even dominoes and donate them to local schools. Alphabet stones are uppercase on one side, lowercase on the other. <br /><br />I use quality acrylic paints now, but when I first started I was using some paints that were over 20 years old! I had no “tools” such as a stylus, instead I used nail heads, the end of paint brushes or whatever I could find. It took very little to start out and I believe ANYONE can paint rocks! <br /><br />Over the years, I have painted literally thousands of rocks. Unique shapes, educational, and just plain crazy rocks! My style is always evolving but I think I am happiest when dotting. I was diagnosed with MS in 1999. So for me, I enjoy the challenge of making tiny dots come to life on a stone. And on those days that I am unable to paint rocks, I try to be creative in other ways.<br /><br />My most recent work can be viewed on Instagram @ Sticks N Stones Designs, online @ and purchases can be made on ETSY @ SNSDZNS. Email me:<br /><br /><br />Thank you,<br />Brenda &amp; Joe Reyes<br />


 Karen Bolton

I began dropping or “abandoning” art for people to find and keep a little over three years ago as a random act of kindness. I left drawings, paintings, photos, sea glass jewelry, and other pieces as well as painted rocks. I really began concentrating on rock painting when I discovered The Kindness Rocks Project founded by Megan Murphy. My rock painting has evolved over the past couple of years to include a Facebook page, Roanoke Kindness Rocks Project/Random Art of Kindness and Instagram account, Roanoke Kindness Rocks Project (roanoke_rocks) where I have connected with hundreds of rock artists from all over the world. I was selected by The Kindness Rocks Project along with 149 other artists to become an ambassador for the movement. (“The Kindness Rocks Project Ambassador”) which has been amazing. I’ve been send some lovely Capcouriers Painting Rocks and beautiful paints by Artistro and Korola Paints through Instagram connections. I leave my rocks and other art for people to enjoy as a Kindness without expectations. It has been rewarding to know that it might brighten someone’s day!


Lisa Bologna

It started with one tiny little painted pebble. A purple painted rock with a pink smiley face was picked especially for me by my nephew. He was inpatient in the pediatric oncology unit at Yale New Haven Medical Center when he stumbled upon a kindness rock event hosted by Smilow Rocks. That one single rock that was placed in my hand in the spring of 2018 started what has become a passion I never knew existed until terminal illness struck my family. To survive the time we had with him, I painted. I painted rocks for him and other pediatric cancer patients. I hosted rock -painting events throughout our community and it ultimately led to an official dedicated rock garden in my town. Throughout my nephew’s illness, painting rocks was a creative outlet to help me cope with his illness. I continue to paint now in his memory. To create pieces of art and words of encouragement for others to find on a rock has helped me move forward. My favorite painting style is to sketch a design on a rock in pencil and then color it with watercolor followed by highlighting with ink pens. To know that something I made may bring joy and inspiration to someone else is my way of paying kindness forward. How cool is it to know that someone out there can carry my artwork on a rock in their pocket? I’m humbled by the thought of that and I’m inspired to paint more because of it. To see more of my rocks, check out @lisaanneb5 on Instagram.


Miranda Pitrone

I am a self-taught artist, born and raised in New England. Hiking and camping across the U.S. has led to many creative experiences for me. Throughout my life she has been inspired mainly by nature; specifically water and stone. I have been painting stones since I was a child... painting them with nail polish. These days I paint in my studio on the coast of Lake Erie. I use water-based acrylics to create colorful dot art designs on beach stones, canvas and anything else that I can get my hands on



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